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YYC Growers and Distributors’ purpose is to connect farmers with urban customers by gathering and distributing locally grown food through a system that regenerates our environment and community and supports the local economy.  We provide our fresh, nutrient-rich produce directly from farms to our customers through a weekly subscription service, a thriving online farmers’ market and physical farm stands. We offer home delivery and have ~16 pickup locations throughout the Calgary metropolitan area in addition to Airdrie, Langdon and Cochrane.


The General Manager is responsible for day-to-day operations within the organization. In this role, you will be responsible for the accurate end-to-end handling and sorting of all products from receiving to final distribution from our warehouse. This is a full-time role. You will work alongside the team and board of directors to understand the key aspects of the business and become familiar with our processes.


  • Passion for local food, farming, and organization
  • Leadership skills who leads by example with a proactive and courteous customer service approach with excellent communication
  • Management/leadership experience in a high-volume retail environment and/or distribution center
  • High attention to detail who can work within efficient systems that create the foundation for a positive customer experience at markets and pickup locations
  • The ability to work quickly on their feet and can perform physical work including frequent bending, stacking, lifting of up to 60 lbs, and operation of various mechanical aids such as pallet jacks
  • Enthusiasm about work and easily works in a team environment
  • A willingness to work hard and get your hands dirty at a fast-growing start-up that is dynamic and highly variable in tasks
  • Initiative that can solve unexpected challenges as they arise
  • Experience with strategic planning and analytical skills
  • General computer knowledge and experience with the Google Business Suite
  • Customer service experience


Note: we do not expect one candidate to fulfill all of these roles necessarily. This role is somewhat flexible based on personal skills, experience, passions, interests, and the ability to outsource tasks to employees and contractors to ensure operational efficiency and success.

  • Coordinate and manage information needed by all teams to perform their roles successfully, including marketing, volunteers, and market staff
  • Assist with increasing sales and profits
  • Keep relationships with suppliers and customers healthy
  • Oversee and complete receiving and fulfillment operations, implement efficiencies over time
  • Foster a highly engaged and empowered team environment
  • Manage budgeting, bookkeeping, and reimbursement procedures
  • Solve warehouse and customer issues in an exciting and dynamic environment
  • Manage the hiring process for all staff, with assistance from the board of directors
  • Manage daily operations to meet expectations for productivity and order accuracy
  • Assist in receiving, sorting and distributing produce at the warehouse
  • Assist in loading the truck, unloading produce at pickup locations and setting up tents, market equipment etc.
  • Coordinate office activities and operations to secure efficiency and compliance with cooperative agreements


YYC Growers is a farmer-owned cooperative of both urban and rural farmers in and around the Calgary area.

Our purpose is to connect farmers with eaters by gathering and distributing nutrient-dense food through a system that regenerates our environment and community.

We strive towards regenerative farming practices that have the potential to heal the earth while producing delicious food. We are also passionate about enhancing the connections between urban and rural communities in Alberta because we are better together.

We supply produce to customers through a weekly subscription service, operate an e-commerce website and sell at physical farmers’ markets. We also offer home delivery and have over a dozen pickup locations in and around the Calgary area.


This is a transitional role with a starting salary of $50K per year. Increases in compensation will be applied based on the successful management of business operations. Starting date will be as soon as we have selected the right candidate.


Please send your cover letter and resume to: with subject line “General Manager YYC Growers”



  • Do you have a passion for any of local food, farming, culinary skills, local economy and/or regenerative agriculture?
  • Do you have a positive, friendly attitude and a passion for interacting with people? Must be a good public spokesperson for our organization out in the community.
  • Do you want to participate in a distributed leadership workplace following ‘teal’ principles, where you are accountable for your own role/s?
  • Do you have the willingness to perform physical work and comfort repeatedly lifting up to 60lbs?
  • Are you competent at driving and backing up a 16’ cube truck and have a clean class 5 drivers license? Are you over 25 years old to meet our insurance requirements?


  • Greet customers at our weekly markets and assist our subscribers in collecting their weekly harvest boxes.
  • Educate customers about our farmers, promote subscription sales, market items and sell additional produce to subscribers and walk up customers.
  • Accurately provide subscription and one-off customers their produce and uphold the customer service standards of YYC Growers at pick-up locations and pop up markets.
  • Deliver produce accurately to pick up locations throughout the city, on time and safely, as well as to exhibit positive representation of the organization in the public eye. 


  • Finalize compiling products on pallets, perform the checklist of the packing list and load produce onto the truck.
  • Perform truck safety check, according to the Schedule 1 checklist that will be provided. Take accountability for cleanliness and safety of the truck for each shift.
  • Pack the truck in a logical organization to efficiently deliver for multiple drop off points.
  • Deliver produce to pick up locations, unload bins from the truck into locations for the volunteer pick up hosts to arrange.
  • Host a pick up for customers at the final location (University District on Friday and Central Memorial Park on Saturday). This includes setting up the produce, checking off customer names and supplying their subscriptions as they come to pick up and anything additional that they have ordered. 
  • Host a produce distribution market at the same location, promoting the produce that you have on hand to subscription customers and walk-ups. Handle cash and an electronic card reader. Direct customers to our website and subscription service.
  • Return to all pick up locations on the way back to the warehouse and collect empty bins, and compile leftover produce.
  • On returning to the warehouse, put all produce away in the appropriate coolers. Group bins into size and nest together. Organize reusable cardboard according to warehouse and farmer needs, and break down recyclable cardboard and put it into the cardboard recycling bin in the parking lot. 
  • Cash out till from market and complete market return sheet with cash takings and market feedback.
  • Leave the warehouse clean and tidy for the morning. Lock up the warehouse.


  • We are seeking an individual to fill this part-time permanent role.
  • We run distribution from Wednesday-Saturday. This role would be primarily the Friday and Saturday shift, with opportunity to cover or rotate the Wednesday and/or Thursday shifts.
  • Primary Shift
    • Friday – 11:00 – 5:00 PM
    • Saturday – 8:30 – 3:30 PM
  • Alternative Shift
    • Wednesday – 11:45 – 8:45 PM
    • Thursday – 1:15 – 8:45 PM


Please send Resume and Cover Letter to: