YYC Growers and Distributors is a growing and attentive movement; dynamically existing within a rapidly-shifting food chain supply. It is immediately close to the needs of the community that it serves.



YYC Growers first came together through a love of growing healthy, nutritious food in and around the city, but our belief in food security, accessibility, and concern for land management practices, is what continues to drive us. We are composed of fifteen urban and rural farmers in the City of Calgary and surrounding area.

Each of our member farms are very different from each other. Whether one grows on small urban plots and another on acres of rural land, or one grows in large greenhouses and another in aquaponics, they all play an important role in the Calgary community and in supporting each other.

In big and small ways, YYC Growers contributes to the physical well-being, mental wellness, increased vitality, and energy of its community. We seek to build a bridge between grower and consumer, between rural and urban.

When you choose to purchase your food from YYC Growers and our member farms, you are inviting us into your home, where your family shares its meals. Magic happens in a food system when the consumer knows the farmer who grew their food. In fact, many of our customers see their farmer weekly. Can a food supply chain get more personal than that? Join us today by subscribing to your own harvest box.

who we are

Join the Movement By Volunteering

Many of our urban farmers love having volunteers help them start up a back yard farm, help with harvesting, help at market tables. If you’d like to put your name down for a farm hand volunteer, please email volunteer@yycgrowers.com with your name, phone number, email address, days you can work and what you’d like to volunteer for.

Our Purpose

We work in harmony with living systems and are building a thriving, anti-fragile ecosystem for local food resilience that respects all life, right down to the microbes that sustain us.

Regeneratively-Grown Food

Provide local, regeneratively-grown food to customers at a price that is fair to consumers and producers.

Lower Costs

Strengthen the market presence for member-growers and reduce marketing costs for individual member-growers.

Urban Farming is Viable

Demonstrate that urban farming is a viable use of land in Calgary, from production to aggregation and distribution.

Exemplify Partnerships

Exemplify the functionality of partnerships between urban and rural farms.

Work in Harmony

Work in harmony with living systems, building a thriving, anti-fragile.

Create Access to Real Nutrition

Create access to real nutrition; for the soil organisms, for the humans, and for the ecosystem that contains them.