What happens when local farms join forces to provide fresh, nutrient-dense food to their communities? A unique farmer owned cooperative is born!


Truly Farmer Owned

In order to create meaningful impact in our communities and help reach more tables our farmers formed this unique growers cooperative. Along with other contributing local producers, they are able to provide a variety of fresh produce year-round!

Each of our member farms are very different from each other. For example, some grow on small urban plots while others on acres of rural land. In other instances, our farmers operate large greenhouses while some use aquaponics or hydroponics to grow indoors.

The result is a resilient, year-round, local food supply that plays an important role in keeping Calgary a vibrant and healthy city.

Whether we live, work, or sell here, each of our member farms is part of THIS community.

Meet Our Farmers

Members & owners of the cooperative

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