We are working in harmony with living systems, we are building a thriving, anti-fragile ecosystem for local food resilience that respects all life, right down to the microbes that sustain us.



YYC Growers first came together through a love of growing healthy, nutritious food in and around the city, but our belief in food security, accessibility, and concern for land management practices, is what continues to drive us.

Each of our member farms are very different from each other. Whether one grows on small urban plots and another on acres of rural land, or one grows in large greenhouses and another in aquaponics, they all play an important role in the Calgary community and in supporting each other.

When you choose to purchase your food from YYC Growers and our member farms, you are inviting us into your home, where your family shares its meals. The importance of that is not lost on us. We strive to grow, make and source high-quality products to reflect that relationship.

Whether we live, work or sell here, each of our member farms is a part of THIS community.

We are your YYC Growers.

Who We Are


Celebrate local

A local community fed by the bounty of local farms in a local ecosystem strengthens the local economy.

Nutrition matters

The health and nutrition of the soil, the produce, and the consumers who enjoy it matter to us. We champion nutrient density and the cascade of benefits that it represents—increased nutrition means more flavour, more customers delighted, more land regenerated, and more carbon sequestered. We seek to get better at what we do with every passing year.

Respect for all life

All life is interconnected, from the invisible to the tasteable. We want to respect this exchange in conscious and compassionate ways. Humans rely on the death of things to live, and we are grateful for the plants and animals that make our health possible.